How to Create a Glass Morph Box UI in Microsoft Power Apps



          One effective tool for developing unique corporate applications is Microsoft Power Apps. The ability to design beautiful user interfaces that offer a wonderful user experience is one of the many fantastic aspects of Power Apps. The Glass Morph Box UI is one UI design style that has been gaining traction. This design is sleek, contemporary, and eye-catching. We'll demonstrate how to construct a Glass Morph Box UI with Microsoft Power Apps in this article.

Step 1: Choose the Right Colors

The appropriate colour selection is the initial stage in producing a Glass Morph Box UI. You should pick colours that go well together and fit the overall design theme of your programme. An excellent colour scheme for the Glass Morph Box UI would have a light grey backdrop and a blue accent colour. This colour scheme gives off a polished, contemporary appearance.

Step 2: Add Shapes/Button

Adding forms to your canvas is the next stage. You should design a large rectangular shape for the background of the Glass Morph Box UI and a smaller square form for the icon. Choose the "Button" tool from the "Insert" tab, then draw a rectangle on your canvas to make the enormous rectangular form. Use the "Square" tool to draw a square in the middle of the rectangle shape to make the smaller square shape.

Step 3: Apply Transparent Styles

It is necessary to give your shapes a transparent look in order to achieve the glass effect. Go to the "Format" tab after selecting the large rectangular form. Choose the "Transparent" option under "Fill" in the drop-down menu. To create the smaller square, repeat this procedure.

It's easy and simple to create a Glass Morph Box UI in Microsoft Power Apps. You may make a polished and eye-catching design for your own business app in just a few easy steps. Whether you're a novice or seasoned Power Apps user, this design approach is simple to adopt and will give your app a contemporary feel. So go ahead and test it out right now!

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