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iPrice E-Commerce Merchant Awards 2016 (My Advise and Suggestion to Lazada)

This entry are all in English,so I apologized first for my poor grammar.Ahahaha.Maybe you guys will be a bit curious why I write in English in a bit of sudden?For your information Im participating a competition of E-Commerce called iPrice E-Commerce Merchant Awards 2016
For more information about the competition,go to this website for more info :)

Ok lets start our business here,modern technologies nowadays promising us so much oppurtinity because everything can be done on your fingertips.One thing had taken place in millions live now  are online shopping .Do you know what is E-commerce???
E-Commerce is commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet.
So everything transaction amount of money or whatever do by the internet or other electronically device called E-Commerce.Lets say,we pay our Internet bill online,it can be called E-Commerce too.Its not only can be define by buying something online or whatever.

Customers nowadays are smart in judging and comparing prices and offers on each products to get more benefit in every amount they spend.With the pressure of the dailycost that increase everytime,many teenagers who loved to do online shopping because it will save the petrol cost caused by the traffic jam,and save energy and time and not wasting it for walking at the shopping mall.

#MYCYBERSALE2016 programme from 26-30 September  had recorded GMV around RM211 million  and 79% higher than the past years.From that amount,45% or around RM94 million contributed from (IKS) compared to RM61 million in 2015.

 In upcoming days as Transformasi Nasional 50 ideas will be held,trends in online shopping has gained a place in the hearts of the people and e-dagang industries nowadays and make our industry players prepared themselves  to support the growth of our country digital economy.

Under Digital Malaysia initiative,E-Dagang will be recognized as one of the element  that can speed up our our Malaysia economy profit.
Wee Huay Neo,The Diractor of MDEC Pemboleh E-Dagang said the penetration rate of internet in Malaysia around 67%,while e-dagang contribute around   5.8 % to KDNK,Only  0.6% under target  that been set for 2020.

The market of E-commerce in Malaysia will continue be most attractive with more space to improve.One of the key driver for e-commerce market are consumer cost,the increases of Internet consumer and the reception of the facilities and the attraction of the e-commerce itself.

Other than that,payment system  and logistic that had possitively improved,supported by the progress of telecomunication and internet with the increases of smartphone users and online shopping application that user friendly are the factors online shopping is more comfortable than offline make this is the pottential issues E-commerce facing today.

My Advise and Suggestion To Lazada

So here we go to the last requirement for me to participate this competition,I must 
Propose strategies the e-commerce shop can undertake to solve the issue
So I prefer Lazada because I am the one of the loyal customer of Lazada.I still remember the video camera that I bought from this website and the totebag that I bought for my crush birthday...ahahahaha

So what my ideas that I want to propose and you need to solve this issue so you can get a lot of profit and you can count all of your money in the bathtub.ahahahaha

Here is the issue and the sollution for each problems

All of us know that E-commerce had a power in city area,but how in the rural area?We only got money from the urban area  that developed with high technology and transportation but not for the rural area.So,first,you need to focus in how to attract customers from the rural areas?From the village,the countryside???how will you overcome the transportation problems???And why not try make a Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme???
Other than you can attract customers from the rural area,why not  ypu try to sell their product such as handcraft in your fashion categories so you can destroy the border of urban and rural area,so the economy of rural and urban will grow together.You need to get rid the perception "Ohh if I want to be an entrepreneur, I must go to the main area,like city..."
So,this will promising o lot of profit in the upcoming years.

2.Cash On Delivery
You must know,all of your customers,not all of them have a bank account.For example,when I was in age of 14.I have no bank account,and my parents dont know anything about online shopping.My first experinece with Lazada I dont really remember but Im sure I bought a tablet Cash In Delivery.So I paid on that time with the amount as the delivery arrived in front of my door house.So,the next problem is,that not all products in the website are in COD,that what dissapointing me.And as Lazada loyal customer,Im very dissapointed because as years go,the product that able in Cash On Delivery had decreased and its hard for me to do the online shopping anymore.But now I already have the bank account,but I still comfortable with COD method.I think there are still many people out there facing the same problem as me.

3.Delivery Time
 Image result for e commerce challenges
From my experience,in delivery problem,Lazada use TaQBin and other delivery system out there to deliver the product to customer.Anyway,You need to settle this thing up.The delivery was so slow and I had been waiting for a week before.When I contact the delivery company,they said that I already canceled the order but I never doing that.So I need to order that thing once again.Luckily that was Cash on Delivery method.What if I already paid with money in my bank???So,you must overcome this problem.Why not build your own delivery system so you will not dependng anymore to others delivery company???
Remember,if you leave good impression to customers,you will leave them with good memory with your company and you will make them stay.

I hope you will gladly accept my advice as a special advisor of CEO of the Lazada.

As my final word,let make e-commerce better as we took step ahead for the future. :)

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