Wednesday, 21 December 2016

My Anime List Recommended That Will Make You Cry

Hello welcomeback readers.You know I already done my SPM a month ago,and I really have a lot of time and what I do just sleep and sleep and watching K Drama,Anime and playing games. Honestly,I really like to watch that anime that can thug my heartstring and make my tears falling down.So here I want to list out all anime that I watch that manage to touch my heart and I hope you will also cry like I did....ahahahaha :D

Your Lie In April
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Have you heard about Betthoven who can create music even he was deaf?It was same like this story.Kouma Mashiro is a genius boy who can play piano very well even he cannot hear the sound of the piano he play because he been cursed by his mother.He already give up in piano but Kaori came to her life and change everything and being the reason for him to playing piano again.However,Kaori had a cancer with a similar symptom with her mother.So how it will endup?

Ano Himita Bokutachi Wamada Shiranai
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As we know, people who died cannot back into normal life,but different thing happen in this story.Menma who had died 10 years ago back to Jintan life because she want Jintan grant her last wish that she already forgot so she can rest in peace at he heaven?So what Menma last wishes?


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Sanka Rea was born with a silverspoon which is live in a noble family that ultimately rich but that wasn't realhly she wanted.She want to live like a normal girl out there but her dad forbid her to do that.Until she met Jintan who deep in love into zombie.After she know that Furuya will take responsibility to her if she being zombie,so she decide to drink  a poison made by Furuya in case to die and wake up as a zombie.However,she not managed to suicide but being killed by her father because his father unpurposedly hit her at the cliffed and she died.After that,she woke up and went to Furuya as a zombie and claimed the promised that been made by Furuya.Can thay live happily together forever?

Sakurasou Pet No Kanojo

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School life was themost  memorable moment in life,spending time with friends happily while together working hard to achieve diffrent dream.That what happened in this anime.This anime show you about how the hostel student survived and work hard to achieving their dream.

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A like to C and B like to D.A bestfriend with D and B bestfriend with C.A and B make a promise to help each other to get person that they like but they end up to fall in love each other.Will they still seeking the love for the person they like before or they and up to love each other?


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